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A2billingAD DC - how to check the NTP servers configuration on windowsAWS Cloud Formation
AWS Directory ServiceAWS PowerShellAWS Tips
Amazon, connect a linus server with securecrtAmazon AWSAmazon VPN to VPC
AndroidAndroid developmentApache
Apple push Notification APNS - PHPAsterisk 12 install + WebRTC \Asterisk Debug
Asterisk FeaturesAsterisk Full RealTime exampleAsterisk High availablity
Asterisk IAX2Asterisk Inbound & Outbound with your SIP providerAsterisk Install
Asterisk Install G723 & G729 codecsAsterisk MeetmeAsterisk Queue
Asterisk Simple Realtime exampleAsterisk Simple exampleAsterisk Video & VideoMail
Asterisk VoiceMail & MWIAsterisk VoiceMail RealTimeAsterisk add as service
Asterisk manager and PHP clientAsterisk meetme on Amazon EC2Asterisk say.conf arabic
Aws S3 cliBASE - Install snort guiBash
BlackberryBoard PhrasesBootstrap EC2 with chef
CHEFChange HOSTNAME scriptCisco
Cisco - STPCisco - vtpCloudFormation Template example
Connect to asterisk mysql with sqlyog GUIConnecting Kamailio MySql DB using sqlyog GUICreating the Nagios script using Sipp
DiastarDisk space scriptDownload private S3 files using IAM role
Encrypt decrypt between android and phpExport ssl certificate from IIS to ELBExtensions.conf for sip provider
FortigateFreePBX - TipsFull paremeters list
GitHTML5HowTO congiure ssh to allow root access without EC2 certificate
Inbound & Outbound with your SIP providerInstall linux on microsoft virtual pc 2007Installing Csipsimple
Installing Snort slave on WindowsInv uac stat.xmlJMeter
JQuery MobileJava remindersJava script
Kamailio "revert" "append branch" "rewritehostport"Kamailio AVPs - Attribute-Value PairsKamailio Debug
Kamailio DispatcherKamailio General InformationKamailio Group
Kamailio InstallKamailio LCRKamailio Permissions
Kamailio Pseudo-variablesKamailio and MediaProxyKamailio and NAT
Kamailio log levelsKamailio modulesKamailio with MySQL,Nat support and RTPProxy
Kamctl scriptsLength of wav file using SOXLinks
Linphone for Android on windows ecpliseLinux tipsMTR - check latency, TTL, Packet lost
Main PageMeetme.confMySQL tips
My NotesMysqlNAT
Nagios- InstallationNagios - Important informationNagios - Monitoring remote Linux host Using NSClient++
Nagios - Monitoring remote Windows host Using NSClient++Nagios - SIP Monitoring using SIPPNetwork Scan
Office365 sharepoint shellOpenSips RTPProxy in cloudOpen source Tools
Order Buspar Online Without Prescription - Buy Buspar - Buy Cheap Buspar OnlineOtherPHP SIP
PowerShellPythonPython pocketsphinx script to transcript asterisk wav file sample rate 8000 and word start and end time
Queues.conf fileRabbitMQReg uac.xml
SIPSIPP - useful command line optionsSIPP Installation
SIPP Main ParametersSIPP Timers &reportingSIPP UAC and asterisk
SIPP basicsSIPP using parametes fileSIP Functional Entities
SIP Requests valuesSIP Seccurity TLS & sRTPSIP message parts
SIP statefull and statless proxySecure your A2billingSessions, transactions, and dialogs
ShoosleSip.conf for sip providerSip REQUESTS methods
Sip RESPONSESSnort - Tune AlarmsSnort - writing rules
Social API jsSubversionSubverson
TampermonkeyUnderstandig the NAT, MySQL and Auth kamailio.confUnderstanding basic kamailio.conf
Using Kamailo automatic configuration scriptVMware.VOIP tools
VS VISUAL STUDIO 2012Voicemail.confWeb-meetme
WebRTCWebrtc2sipWindows 2008 R2 NTP configuration
You sayYum repo and old mysql versionאומץ
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