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let's add to our PBX a conference bridge:

First, we need to configure meetme as Realtime. In the extconfig.conf file add: meetme => mysql,general,meetme

 sippeers => mysql,general,sip_buddies
 extensions => mysql,general,extensions
 voicemail => mysql,general,voicemail_users
 queues => mysql,general,queue_table
 queue_members => mysql,general,queue_member_table
 meetme => mysql,general,meetme

now we will add the "meetme" table to the MySQL:

 CREATE TABLE `meetme` (
  `confno` varchar(80) NOT NULL default '0',
  `username` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
  `domain` varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
  `pin` varchar(20) default NULL,
  `adminpin` varchar(20) default NULL,
  `members` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
  PRIMARY KEY  (`confno`)

let's add our first conference room:

 INSERT INTO `meetme` (`confno`,`username`,`domain`,`pin`,`adminpin`,`members`) 

change the dial-plan in extensions table so 12129999999 will call the conf bridge: File:meetme_extensions.GIF now you can call 12129999999 and join as member with 5555 pin or 4444 as admin

view the active conferences on CLI ("asterisk -r") by:

 localhost*CLI> meetme list my_conf
 User #: 01         1000 User-A               Channel: SIP/1000-093d9938     (unmonitored) 00:00:03
 1 users in that conference.

The meetme command has the following options:

 localhost*CLI> core show application MeetMe 
 -= Info about application 'MeetMe' =- 
 MeetMe([confno][,[options][,pin]]): Enters the user into a specified MeetMe
 conference.  If the conference number is omitted, the user will be prompted
 to enter one.  User can exit the conference by hangup, or if the 'p' option
 is specified, by pressing '#'.
 Please note: The DAHDI kernel modules and at least one hardware driver (or dahdi_dummy)
            must be present for conferencing to operate properly. In addition, the chan_dahdi
            channel driver must be loaded for the 'i' and 'r' options to operate at all. 
 The option string may contain zero or more of the following characters:
     'a' -- set admin mode
     'A' -- set marked mode
     'b' -- run AGI script specified in ${MEETME_AGI_BACKGROUND}
            Default: conf-background.agi  (Note: This does not work with
            non-DAHDI channels in the same conference)
     'c' -- announce user(s) count on joining a conference
     'C' -- continue in dialplan when kicked out of conference
     'd' -- dynamically add conference
     'D' -- dynamically add conference, prompting for a PIN
     'e' -- select an empty conference
     'E' -- select an empty pinless conference
     'F' -- Pass DTMF through the conference.
     'i' -- announce user join/leave with review
     'I' -- announce user join/leave without review
     'l' -- set listen only mode (Listen only, no talking)
     'm' -- set initially muted
         -- enable music on hold when the conference has a single caller.
            Optionally, specify a musiconhold class to use.  If one is not
            provided, it will use the channel's currently set music class,
            or "default".
     'o' -- set talker optimization - treats talkers who aren't speaking as
            being muted, meaning (a) No encode is done on transmission and
            (b) Received audio that is not registered as talking is omitted
            causing no buildup in background noise
         -- allow user to exit the conference by pressing '#' (default)
            or any of the defined keys. If keys contain '*' this will override
            option 's'. The key used is set to channel variable MEETME_EXIT_KEY.
     'P' -- always prompt for the pin even if it is specified
     'q' -- quiet mode (don't play enter/leave sounds)
     'r' -- Record conference (records as ${MEETME_RECORDINGFILE}
            using format ${MEETME_RECORDINGFORMAT}). Default filename is
            meetme-conf-rec-${CONFNO}-${UNIQUEID} and the default format is
     's' -- Present menu (user or admin) when '*' is received ('send' to menu)
     't' -- set talk only mode. (Talk only, no listening)
     'T' -- set talker detection (sent to manager interface and meetme list)
         -- wait until the marked user enters the conference
     'x' -- close the conference when last marked user exits
     'X' -- allow user to exit the conference by entering a valid single
            digit extension ${MEETME_EXIT_CONTEXT} or the current context
            if that variable is not defined.
     '1' -- do not play message when first person enters
     'S(x)' -- Kick the user 'x' seconds *after* he entered into the conference.
     'L(x[:y][:z])' - Limit the conference to 'x' ms. Play a warning when 'y' ms are
            left. Repeat the warning every 'z' ms. The following special
            variables can be used with this option:
             * CONF_LIMIT_TIMEOUT_FILE       File to play when time is up.
             * CONF_LIMIT_WARNING_FILE       File to play as warning if 'y' is defined.
                                             The default is to say the time remaining.

The options of the conference call can be viewed at the meetme.conf file.

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